I have been a regular client at the Electrology Lab in Falmouth, Maine for several years and can easily recommend the services offered here by Michelle Noel. Her method of hair removal is by far the most effective with the least amount of discomfort I have ever experienced with these treatments.

Michelle is very knowledgable, professional, friendly and caring in her approach with clients. She also provides a positive, clean, relaxing environment to offer her services. I always enjoy my appointments with Michelle and am pleased to highly recommend her for the best unwanted hair removal I have ever experienced!

— Connie Looke
May 23, 2013
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I could never stick with electrology. It hurt too much. I hated the experience, and I never saw results. All that changed when I started seeing Michelle Noel of Electrology Laboratory in Falmouth. The treatment still hurts, but I actually like going, because I enjoy Michelle’s company. She makes the whole process bearable. I am getting rid of the hair I’ve been embarrassed about for decades, but she also ends the “treatment” by cleaning my face and giving me a face massage. I love that! Something to look forward to. And then she stocks her waiting room with bottled water, chocolates, and fashion magazines, so instead of feeling like I am going to the torture chamber when I have an appointment, I feel like I am going to the spa … and to check in with a friend. Best of all, I am finally seeing results. I’m toward the end of needing Michelle, and I’ll really miss her when treatment is through. I can’t recommend her more highly.

— Debra
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I would highly recommend Michelle Noel and the Electrology Laboratory in Falmouth. From it’s cozy atmosphere to its private setting, it’s definitely somewhere I feel comfortable having my treatments. I look forward to seeing Michelle every other week!! She is speedy, yet precise and thorough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Alexandra Steward
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After struggling with skin breakouts, even stubborn infections for 2 1/2 years, my dermatologist agreed that electrolysis could help clear my skin by removing irritating hairs on my chin and around my mouth. After a few weeks of treatment I noticed an amazing difference. It is a pleasure to feel more confident about my smile, instead of feeling like I needed to cover up. I highly recommend Michelle for electrolysis, she provides her services in a caring conscientious atmosphere. I always look forward to seeing her.

— Sam
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